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Recommended food for pregnant women
Recommended food for pregnant women
Eating healthy food is very important for women. There do exist several products, which are not recommended for pregnant women. Geo hospitals offer some products:
  • Meat- avoids eating the liver, as well as poultry products.
  • Avoid sausages, pate, smoked meat and other products derived from crude as they may be carriers of parasites or bacteria.
  • Enjoy all reflect meat products, well-prepared and thermally treated for long-term.
  • Dairy products: avoid non-pasteurized milk. Keep in mind that the consumption of dairy products must be made with pasteurized milk and stored in compliance with the rules.
  • Fish- not recommended during pregnancy week by more than two servings of fatty fish; Avoid fish that was eaten raw - they may contain a variety of parasites or bacteria
  • Drinks: It is recommended to quit drinking alcohol drinks during the pregnancy. Do not take more than 200 mg of caffeine. Remember that soft drinks contain too much caffeine, so before taking look at the composition.
  • Soft-boiled eggs are not recommended during the pregnancy, because they might contain salmonella.
ჯეო ჰოსპიტალსი ,,ვარდისფერი ოქტომბრის" ფარგლებში დაგეგმილ საქველმოქმედო კამპანიაში ჩაერთო
,,ჯეო ჰოსპიტალსი“, როგორც მაღალი სოციალური პასუხისმგებლობის კომპანია, წელსაც უერთდება ,,ვარდისფერი ოქტომბრის“ ფარგლებში დაგეგმილ საქველმოქმედო კამპანიას, რომელიც ძუძუს კიბოს წინააღმდეგ ბრძოლასა და ცნობიერების ამაღლებას ითვალისწინებს.
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