24 May, 2022

Insomnia is a long disturbance, which makes it impossible to sleep, it reflects your activities during the day. Not getting enough sleep can act on your mood and energy levels, as well as your health, ability to work and quality of life.

When should we consult the doctor?

If insomnia interrupts your daily activity, contact your doctor to find the cause of insomnia and its treatment methods. If your doctor will suspect a sleep disorder, he can advise you to go to the center or do a special analysis.

Common symptoms of insomnia:

  • Stress. Bedtime anxiety about work, school, health or family can make it difficult to sleep. Anxiety. As everyday anxiety, as well as more serious anxiety disorders, as well, can make it difficult to sleep, sleep for anxiety
  • Depression- during the depression you can have an excessive sleeping or other way around ( disability to sleep)
  • Medical conditions-If you have chronic pain, shortness of breath or frequent urination, you can avoid developing insomnia. Diseases that are associated with insomnia: arthritis, cancer, heart failure, lung disease, gastro esophageal reflux syndrome, thyroid, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Environment and service schedule change. Travel and turns can break the body’s rhythm and make it difficult to sleep.
  • Sleep bad habits. Sleep habits include irregular sleep schedule, stimulating activities before bed, uncomfortable sleep environment and bed sleeping and sex in addition to other purposes.
  • Medications. Many drugs can affect sleep. They include some antidepressants, heart and blood pressure medications, allergy medications, stimulants and corticosteroids. Many-counter medication, such as painkillers, nasal solvents and Weight lifting products, contain caffeine and other stimulants.
  • Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Coffee, tea, Coca-Cola and other beverages with caffeine are famous stimulants.
  • evening meal surplus. Have a light supper before a sleep is alright, but eating too much can create discomfort. Many people also have heartburn and stomach acid and food to the esophagus, which also interrupts getting a sleep.