Audiology is the study regarding the causes of deafness and decreased auditory perception. These studies aim to create new diagnostic and treatment methods (surgery, assisting hearing devices, etc.).


Risk-factors for deafness:

  • Hereditary risk-factors;
  • Premature Infants;
  • Hypoxic state during gestation or delivery (Low oxygen content in the infant);
  • Infectious diseases during pregnancy (measles, syphilis, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, herpes);
  • Using ototoxic medications during pregnancy (their irrational use, wrong dosage, or any decision that might lead to auditory nerve damage);
  • Rhesus factor incompatibility;
  • Infectious diseases (meningitis; measles, mumps, chronic infectious otitis);
  • Head or ear trauma;
  • Ear wax or foreign bodies in the external auditory canal;
  • Loud noise, explosions;
  • Decreased auditory perception due to external ear damage is mostly successfully treated (there might be some exceptions).